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Learning Thai Massage Has Never Been Easier


We offer professional Thai Massage Seminars, giving you the opportunity to obtain knowledge and excellent practice on one of the best massage techniques in the world.  Upon completing your Massage Seminar, you will have full confidence to start your career as a Massage Therapist immediately.

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Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

Thai massage is a form of therapeutic touch that differs in many ways from traditional massage. Instead of a massage table, you lie on a mat on the floor while the provider manipulates your body in certain ways to stimulate organs and improve flexibility. Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine.

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Nuad Thai Massage is popular for its Thai Oil massage, which is performed with essential oils on a bed and combines many traditional massage techniques using various forms of body pressure with fingers, palms, elbows and feet. This technique is great for all people as it offers relief from the muscular pains brought about by work and sedentary life as well as relaxation and exemption from stress imposed by the demands of modern life. Usually performed on a table, Thai Oil Massage combines deep, firm pressure with rolling and stretching movements using palms, thumbs, elbows and knees and the application of warmed oils. An invigorating, rhythmic massage, it follows the style of traditional Thai massage.

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Thai Reflexology can be done with the client lying on a massage table. Thai Foot Massage can be done with the client on a massage table or on a floor mat. Both styles are not limited to Thai Massage. They can be blended and used with other massage modalities as well. In Thailand foot massage is very popular, and for good reasons. From a healthy point of view, working on the feet is not only beneficial for the feet, but it affects the entire body. This is the primary concept of reflexology. From an enjoyment point of view, foot massage takes top credits. There are two main styles of Thai Foot Massage: The first style is part of the whole-body Thai Massage system. Traditionally Thai Massage sessions start with a foot massage, and then the therapists work their way up the body. These sessions are generally done on a floor mat, with the client fully dressed, and without application of oil. Since working without oil largely prevents sliding or stroking movements, the techniques consist primarily of pressure points and various foot manipulations and stretches. Therapists use their thumbs, forearms, elbows, and even knees and feet to work in the supine, prone and side position. The second style is not used as part of a whole-body massage, but is mostly focused on the feet only. This is generally done with the client sitting in a comfortable way, The therapist is sitting on a small stool or chair while working on the feet. Since oil or lotion is used for this type of foot massage, the techniques are mostly stroking moves with thumbs, knuckles or the entire palm. This style is the Thai version of foot reflexology. Generally, this type of foot massage also includes working on the calf muscles. Often neck, shoulder, arm and hand work are also offered to the clients as a final phase of the foot massage session. Then the client sits on the stool where the feet had been resting on previously and the therapist is standing up.

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Combining the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy into spa practices has a long tradition, especially in traditional Thai medicine. For example, the Luk Pra Kob or Thai Herbal Compress has been used for 4000 years in Thailand and variations of this practice can be found in other traditional forms of medicine throughout Asia. You may be thinking that the Thai Herbal Compress is a kind of massage with essential oils, but that is far from the case. While it does involve the use of herbs and them soaking into the skin along the lines of energy or sen lines, it is markedly different than getting a Thai massage that uses aroma therapeutic oils.   
The Luk Pra Kob translates to "pressing herbal sphere" and is a mixture of specific herbs in a muslin cloth bag, wrapped in a cotton towel. What herbs are in the Thai Herbal compress depends on the goal of the treatment.  
After the medicinal herbs have been gathered and wrapped in the bag and towel, it is compressed and steamed to bring out the essential oils of the herbs. Now that the Luk Pra Kob is prepared, the practitioner will apply it to your skin in small circular motions. Where on your body depends on what the goal of the treatment is, as well as if the Thai Herbal Compress is hot or cold. Each way of using the Luk Pra Kob has different benefits. 
As mentioned earlier, the Luk Pra Kob can be used to treat a variety of conditions from headaches to muscle tension and inflammation to skin complexion. It all depends on whether the Thai Herbal Compress is hot or cold and what essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Also, the Luk Pra Kob can be used in traditional Thai massage to better help circulation and range of motion throughout the session. Let's go over some of the benefits for a hot and cold Thai Herbal Compress as well as when it's used in a Thai massage.
Hot Luk Pra Kob: this form of a Thai Herbal Compress is more commonly used and is known to have calming effects. Much like using a hot compress, it can help relax muscles, stimulate nerves, improve circulation, and increase blood flow. Think of it a suped-up hot compress as the essential oils soaking into your skin do the heavy lifting in the treatment. 
Cold Luk Pra Kob: the cooler Thai Herbal Compress isn't as common as the hot one as many used the Luk Pra Kob for muscle tension but it has benefits of its own similar to a cold compress. This manner of application is used to help reduce fevers and headaches as well as used to heal bruises and sprains. It should be said that while heat is better at opening pores, your skin will still receive the essential oils from the Thai Herbal Compress because it was still steamed during its construction.
Luk Pra Kob in a Thai Massage: while the Thai Herbal compress is a traditional treatment in and of itself, the hot Luk Pra Kob is also used frequently in Thai massage as a helpful tool. It is sometimes used at the beginning of the session to help relax the muscles more, thereby allowing a better range of motion for the various positions, or at the end to help mend the body after an intense session. The herbs chosen for the Thai Herbal Compress will most likely reflect a need for circulation and muscle tension, even leaving the compress along sen lines and allowing the essential oils more time to soak into the skin.

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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Guasha Massage

Looking for a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin? Our Gua Sha Face Lift Massage is just what you need. This revitalizing treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting a natural glow. Our therapists use traditional techniques to increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, leaving you looking and feeling rejuvenated.

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